The best website loading speeds you can find in the United States, Canada or Latin America

The site loading speed is really a fundamental factor for your online success, and that’s why we present you with the possibility for hosting your sites in one of the best–connected data centers in the US. The Steadfast data center is situated in downtown Chicago and it does supply total power redundancy and fantastic network conditions. This way, you can easily warrant the top web site loading speed for your customers coming from USA, Canada and Latin America. On top of everything, this particular data center is now hired by a few of the primary telecommunications providers in the USA.

In the datacenter in the USA, it is possible to host any web site you want – from private pages and blogs to big business websites and high–traffic e–stores. Depending on your distinctive requirements, you’ll be able to choose between a variety of cloud hosting deals, that are backed up by a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as a 24x7 technical support service. It is easy to select the datacenter in the USA on our sign up form.

Other US Hosting Services

In the datacenter in the USA we have considerably more than ordinary cloud hosting packages. You’ll also find dedicated web hosting plans, VPS hosting plans and semi-dedicated hosting plans. With each US hosting solution, you’ll have a 99.9% network uptime and our incredible 24/7 tech support service with an common response time of less than 20 min. The US Dedicated Web Hosting Plans are also go–to service if you have a media–heavy web site (video sharing sites, information sites, and so on). The US VPS Hosting Plans are good if you require serious power for one’s sites and web apps or you have to have a low–cost development server. With our US Semi-dedicated Hosting Plans, it is also possible to enjoy the power of a dedicated server and the simplicity of a cloud hosting – no server management skills are expected.